Shopfloor Management at SycoTec

Only those who constantly improve remain really good. The continuous optimisation of our production processes therefore takes top priority at SycoTec. The latest example of this is the introduction of shopfloor management in the production area of short and long turning as well as in the assembly areas for industrial and dental drives. We evaluate our own performance against a finely balanced range of indicators.
This is not some straitjacket imposed from above. Rather, the key values are arrived at in close consultation with our employees and under direct application reference in production.
For example, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), setup time shares, backlog and internal on-time delivery. In this way, our employees are involved from the outset. If the indicators deviate from specification, any problems can be quickly identified and solved together. This has enabled us to considerably increase our performance, sustainably improve customer satisfaction and increase the participation of employees.

In brief: For SycoTec, shopfloor management is a win-win situation on every level.

Transparency of the production indicators in respect of employees and routine involvement of employees lead to process optimisations. Internal one-time delivery is constantly improving in the SycoTec areas of short and long turning, as well as in the assembly departments in which shopfloor management has been introduced.