Extraction systems

The average dust load of hazardous substances a dental technician receives per year is 12kg. The extraction systems of SycoTec, single-station or multi-user dust extraction, provide the necessary health protection from very fine dusts.


SycoVac Mono

The single-place extraction system with triple filter concept features a 99,995% separation of very fine dusts. There are two models of the SycoVac Mono available: the integrated drawer unit or the freestanding, portable unit. The SycoVac Mono impresses with flexibility, more powerful suction and particularly quiet operation.


SycoVac Multi

The extraction system SycoVac Multi has three extraction points to ensure optimal extraction levels. The multi-user extraction system is provided with brushless motors which results in a considerably longer lifetime. The SycoVac Multi also is equipped with an intelligent self-cleaning system.


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