More than 50 years of experience

1959 Opening of our factory as a branch of KaVo (EWL Elektrotechnisches Werk Leutkirch)
1970 Start of business area "Drive Systems" (industrial drive engineering)
1978 Production of the first motor handpiece with quick release and ergonomic shape (K9)
2006 Founding of SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG and spin-off from KaVo
2009 SycoTec affords the world's shortest and lightest dental micro motor (SLM)
2010 Dental motor SLM received "WiR-Innovationspreis"
2010 SycoTec, SciCan (Canada) and MICRO-MEGA (France) are strategically united under "Sanavis Group". The Sanavis Group is one of the ten largest manufacturers of dental equipment.


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