The robust SycoTec motors are brushless and therefore without wear, combined with perfect vibration-free rotation. Due to a very low temperature increase an extended lifetime is achieved. The speed range of between
100 – 40,000 rpm covers the complete requirements of any dental application. The recirculation stop for spray water prevents back-contamination. SycoTec motors can be sterilized up to 135 degrees Celsius. The coupling meets the ISO 3964 standard in order to be compatible with handpieces from any manufacturer.



SycoSLM: Small, lightweight, powerful

The SycoSLM, 31.7 mm (12½") in length and a total weight of only 62 grams, is the smallest and lightest dental motor in the world. Its amazing weight advantage enables stress- and fatigue-free work. With the SycoSLM the finger muscles remain relaxed and efficient. The integrated LED provides daylight-like illumination, more clear and intense compared to conventional light sources. The ten-times longer life cycle of the LED provides an annual saving of the cost of approx. two halogen bulbs.



SycoDrill: The classic

Dentists who prefer to work with a halogen light can rely on our classic dental motor – the well-proven SycoDrill.
With a length of 42 mm (16½") and a weight of 99 grams the motor sits perfectly in your hand.


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