SycoTec motor spindles for dental CAD/CAM

The roots of SycoTec lie in dental technology. And even if our portfolio has expanded considerably over the years, motor spindles for dental CAD/CAM applications still play a central role. Take for example, the SycoTec motor spindle of type 4033. Since its introduction around seven years ago, it has taken the industry by storm.

Of course, the competition isn’t standing still. In order to maintain and further improve our position, we are working continuously on expanding our portfolio both with synchronous and asynchronous CAD/CAM-capable motor spindles. In close consultation with our customers and based on the needs of the market, we have, for example, developed the 4020 DC and 4064 DC-HSK25 motor spindlesHigh-performance drives are therefore available both for sophisticated chairside machines as well as for laboratory devices with a high throughput.
The fact that this message has also been received by the market is witnessed in the demand expressed by large, international equipment suppliers. Since the last IDS in 2015 alone, the number of our CAD/CAM motor spindles sold has more than doubled.