SycoVac mobile plus

Anwendungen Bohren, Fräsen, Schleifen, Gravieren
Branchen Sondermaschinenbau
Drehzahlbereich 3.000 – 50.000 min-1
Leistung max. 2.000 W
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SycoVac mobile plus

The mobile solution with special equipment

The SycoVac mobile plus combines the flexibility of a portable solution with additional equipment features. The plus version offers a micro filter as standard which absorbs up to 99.995% of the particulate matter, as well as automatic power adjustment with automatic switch-on and switch-off. This protects health even better while reducing both energy consumption and the number of filter bags needed by the system.

Mobile extraction
  • Freely transportable

Optimal health protection

  • Integrated micro filter for trapping up to 99.995% of the dust
  • Automatic suction power adjustment
  • Active carbon filter absorbs vapours
  • Low noise level

Modern, energy-saving technology

  • Less power consumption through automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Dust approval to GS-ITA-M20

Intuitive operation

  • Via ergonomic keypad

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