Aerosol suction

Aerosol suction aer x

A helping hand during prophylaxis work

The aerosol suction aer x from SycoTec is an easily adaptable solution which can be connected to your existing dental suction equipment in one simple step, allowing you to combat aerosol mist directly at its source. The aer x eliminates up to complete of the aerosols emitted, creating a hygienic and safe working and treatment environment for the practice team and subsequent patients.


The transmission of infections by viruses or bacteria or diseases such as currently COVID-19 during aerosol generating activities such as scaling with powder jet equipment and drilling with high-speed contra angles and turbines is a serious problem for the dental profession. There is a risk due to direct contact with saliva or blood, contact with contaminated highspeed attachment or surfaces, or respiratory fluids that may become aerosols or spray mists in the oral cavity during the dental procedure. Special suction techniques (in conjunction with a trained dental professional) are required to significantly reduce such aerosol mists and spray mists. Here, the SycoTec aerosol suction air x offers significant help and relief when extracting aerosol mists.

A maximum of safety and comfort for your practice and your patients

At a glance
  • Almost complete reduction in aerosol formation directly on the patient
  • Lower aerosol concentration in the practice room
  • Much safer working and treatment environment for the practice team and subsequent patients
  • Extremely easy and intuitive to use
  • No training necessary
  • No additional space required
  • Minimises ambient noise for the patient to reduce stress and help them to relax
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