Dental Laboratory Suction Units


Health takes priority

The quantity of particulate matter that dental technicians are exposed to at work every year can amount to as much as 12 kg. Our extraction systems help to significantly reduce this burden. They are available in a range of versions, e.g. as single place suction or multi place suction and can trap as much as 99.995% of the fine dust.

Micro filters reduce risks

Every child nowadays knows how dangerous particular matter can be. Particles that are smaller than 5 μm in size are particularly harmful to health. Another aspect of dental technology is that the majority of the dust is highly toxic. SycoTec’s suction units therefore make use of a micro filter that also reliably traps and separates microparticles.

SycoTec’s suction units at a glance

Optimal health protection
  • Highly efficient multiple filter system for trapping up to 99.995% of the dust
  • Automatic suction power adjustment
  • Low noise level
Various designs
  • Single place or multi place
  • Stationary or mobile
  • Special equipment
Modern, energy-saving technology
  • Automatic power adjustment with automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Dust approval according to GS-ITA-M20
Simple use
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Fast, uncomplicated service through modular structure

Special requirements?
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