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SANAO precision handpieces

The perfect balance between engineering and ergonomics

Fast, powerful, quiet and ergonomically perfect: What matters most for our handpieces is that they optimally live up to dentists’requirements. In addition to technical highquality components, development therefore focuses on ergonomics and design. As an OEM, we supply our products exclusively in customer-specific designs. The product range comprises various dental precision handpieces as well as LED couplings.

Perfectly balanced

The right centre of gravity makes it possible: SycoTec's SANAO handpieces are designed so that they successfully counteract fatigue in the wrist by shifting the centre of gravity backwards. So you work with your users, not against them. Because overload and tension are effectively prevented.

SycoTec’s SANAO handpieces at a glance

SANAO handpieces operate at a speed that results in consistently optimum power and precision during preparation work.

SANAO handpieces were inspired by a group of 35 dentists who were asked to use clay to create a handpiece that was easy to handle and provided optimal balance and excellent access.

Made in Germany
The high-quality materials used meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Optimum cooling
Heat and debris are created whenever teeth are drilled. An efficient 3-nozzle spray system (at 1:5) cools the tip of the drill and flushes out the treatment area.

Better handling
The flat surface on the underside of SANAO instruments provides enhanced stability and precision as well as easier access when working on the upper areas of the mouth.

A firm grip
The non-cylindrical shape and integrated design enable the handpiece to be held securely, allowing users to position it intuitively.

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