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SMARTcare: automated processes for enhanced flexibility and safety

The SMARTcare system can be used to perform thorough internal cleaning and maintenance on dental instruments such as handpieces, contra-angle pieces and turbines. When running the validated standard “Cleaning and Maintenance” program, the automated cleaning and maintenance process only takes around 3 minutes per instrument. During the gentle cleaning process, a special, non-fixing liquid cleaner efficiently removes bacteria, germs and other dirt from the water spray and air channels and other hollow spaces. Thoroughly maintaining internal components increases the instruments’ service life.

For clean and reliable preparation

A choice of four cleaning and maintenance programs gives users the flexibility to adapt the system to a wide range of instruments and practice procedures.
The display screen shows the program details and makes the system easy to operate.

Thorough cleaning and maintenance at the press of a button

Cleaning is one of the most important steps during instrument reprocessing. This is because instruments must be properly cleaned before they can be effectively disinfected and sterilized.

Besides cleaning, it is also imperative to maintain components to ensure that they function correctly and to increase their service life.

Cleaning and maintenance is a three-step process, during which the required liquids are inserted into the rotating instrument at various stages. This ensures that the liquids are distributed optimally and evenly.

The instruments are blown out with compressed air at the end of each step. A separate nozzle or tip enables the clamping device to be specifically maintained in just a few seconds to ensure that its optimal retention force is retained.

1. Cleaning the water spray and air spray channel using cleaner from SycoTec

2. Cleaning the drive air channel and the hollow parts using cleaner from SycoTec

3. Maintaining the drive using oil from SycoTec

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