SIMPLE, SAFE, EFFECTIVE: SycoTec aer x aerosol suction


A helping hand during prophylaxis work

Imagine being able to reduce aerosols easily and effectively in your practice room in the exact place where they are formed: the patient’s mouth.

The aer x from SycoTec is an easily adaptable solution which can be connected to your existing dental suction equipment in one simple step, allowing you to combat aerosol mist directly at its source. aer x eliminates almost complete of the aerosols emitted, creating a hygienic and safe working and treatment environment for the practice team and subsequent patients.

An added bonus for patients is that the aer x headphones effectively reduce ambient noise or drown it out with music, making the treatment less stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Aer x from SycoTec helps you to provide maximum safety and comfort for your practice and patients.

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