SycoTec wins WiR Innovation Award 2021/22

SycoTec wins WiR Innovation Award 2021/22

On July 13, 2022, the WiR (Wirtschafts- und Innovationsförderungsgesellschaft Landkreis Ravensburg) presented the Innovation Award 2021/22 to SycoTec – represented by Managing Director Andreas Köpf – during an official ceremony at the Kreissparkasse Ravensburg. The award ceremony takes place only every two years. During the handover, Mr. Köpf thanked the entire SycoTec team for this development. At a subsequent come-together, the opportunity was taken to deepen discussions and contacts with the other award winners.

Aerosol extraction aer x: The award-winning product is the newly developed aer x aerosol extraction system for dental practices.
99.8% of the aerosols produced, e. g. during prophylaxis or by cooling media, are extracted and protect the practice staff and patients from possible infection, e. g. COVID 19 in the dental practice.

For more information on the SycoTec aer x product, please visit our website: Aerosol suction aer x

flnr: SycoTec: F.Kathan, K.Kohler, C.Frech, T.Graf, A.Köpf, WiR: H.-J. Hölz

Innovative strength is the key competence of today. It secures jobs and thus the prosperity of the population – also in the district of Ravensburg. It thus requires companies that set themselves apart from the competition with their products, processes or services. Companies that have introduced forward-looking technologies or whose work in research and development is groundbreaking.

Cooperation partner
For this reason, Wir GmbH, together with Kreissparkasse Ravensburg, awards the Ravensburg County Innovation Prize every two years to honor the most innovative companies for their entrepreneurial courage and pioneering spirit.

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